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Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
Has anyone tried energy dots to protect against EMFs?
Any thoughts or experiences?
"These things wont weaken the EM field or stop the EMR waves,
the field strength remains the same.
What happens instead is that the harmonics in EMF that would have otherwise damaged the
living cells/DNA are no longer able to..''

A great sentence - -Satchidananda

I have them on things - but as I said on a similar thread just now - I never feel a thing and go on trust.
I have all sorts of these things for EMF protection.

The only wacky thing I ever got a real result from was one of those magnet bracelets golfers wear for $20.
I had someone put mine on and she took it off - felt dizzy!!!
So, I guess they 'are' powerful.
Well, and wearing a clear quartz necklace...oh, and using CBD oil.
Gee, and something else - a heavy Smokey quartz crystal 3 decades ago when I drank too much - it stopped the room spinning. Wow.
But, all these EMF things, I dunno.

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