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Originally Posted by Patrycia-Rose
I've just bought an Acoustimeter, no arguing with one of those.

I'm undecided whether these energy dots help, but coming down on the side of they don't. There are various youtube videos demonstrating that shungite does not protect against EMFs, putting your finger (holding the shungite) between the meter and the object you're testing gives the appearance of the shungite protecting you.

One thing that did surprise me was the amount of radiation given off a 'simple' mouse and especially when you are scrolling, it made the Acoustimeter go into the red zone. I've since bought myself a wired mouse. All of my house is now wired.

These things wont weaken the EM field or stop the EMR waves, the field strength remains the same. What happens instead is that the harmonics in EMF that would have otherwise damaged the living cells/DNA are no longer able to do so in the presence of EMF protection devices like celldots/orgonite/scalar pendants/MWO/LAKHOVSKY coils/ tensor rings / torsion field generators, etc.
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