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that's an interesting product.. can't say I can grasp what they're claiming exactly so I won't comment further, though I do believe a lot of things, even a symbol, can have profound healing effect.. that's also interesting about the inverse square law which I didn't know. thankfully the man I moved in with a few years ago has the internet hard-wired and he even removes this wi-fi chip (that you're not supposed to) in the hardware lol.. I feel yucky when I turn on my old cell phone which doesn't even have service..

that's such a cool quote in your signature Patrycia-Rose.

well anyways, the energy dots made me think of shungite cuz some companies make versions you can attach to your cell phone or electronics. I am not really sure how big of a crystal you need for it to have a sufficient protective effect, but shungite is researched to have a host of healing properties and help shield harmful radiation. Apparently Russians have been researching it for years because it is only found in Karelia, Russia.. and the US has some done some research but of course they're not going to advertise how amazing this earthly substance could be for people.. they do however try to use it in bad technology in my opinion and exploit its properties, but surely that's another post or forum.. there are more exhaustive research papers and studies, but here is a simple one that states how rats were protected against emf damage with it

I'll try to find one more paper that has more elaborate research about it.. and there are other crystals which have displayed protective and healing properties in scientific study, tourmaline and zeolite crystals to name two. all these crystals have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. shungite and zeolite have also been used to purify water with success.
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