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Weird Religious Dream

This morning, I woke up laughing, after having the most incredible dream in the wee small hours.

In my dream, I was in this ashram or religious community and what set it apart, was there were priests and spiritual leaders from every religion there, all working together to promote world peace, tolerance and equality in the name of the one Universal God.

After a while, I was invited to dinner by a Jewish Rabbi and his family and I accepted.

So, the conversation turned to why I am a Hindu and I said that the religion was totally in tune with what I felt in my heart and if I was a Jew, no doubt some Hindu person would come along and ask me why I was a Jew, so I decided to just cut my losses.

Then the Rabbi asked me if I could ever conceive of becoming a Christian and I replied that the whole Christian religion just seemed too restrictive, indoctrinating, dogmatic and based on fear...not my kind of thing.

So the Rabbi asked if I have even READ the Bible, to which I replied that I sorta lost interest after the first six books of the Old Testament.

With that, the Rabbi laughed uproariously, saying that I should consider Judaism...I would make the "perfect Jew" to which I replied "I thought that was the role of Jesus" and then went on to say that if I were NOT Hindu, then Judaism would be my second choice...after all, we both believe in the power of Shiva, right?

Then, the Rabbi fell over himself just laughing non stop..."what a delightfully candid one you are!" and I said "yep, just don't let it get around".

I can't remember what happened after that, but a Christian Minister and a Buddhist monk joined the party and we all had a great time and the subject of God didn't even come up.
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