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The Olympics in Japan will most likely proceed this year.
73 (7+3=10=1= complete cycle) years (1948) after the first time they didn't participate anymore.
Last year 2020 was 72 years after 1948: (7+2=9) (2+2=4) 9+4=13 and 13 means reorganization/ re-order/ a shift in plans and set-up.
41 (=14=5) years (1980) after the second time. This number 5 corresponds with the years 2021 (2+2+1=5). In this sense it seems aligned.

The opening ceremony is supposed to be at the 23th of July.
This is quite ironic because it is 23 years after 1998, the last time the Olympics were held in Japan. And also because the Olympics in Japan are the official 32th edition.

Also 2+3=5. 5 + 7(July)= 12. These numbers 2 & 1 are important to the Japanese in the context of the Olympics: in 1912 they first participated and in 2021 they ought to again.
The return of these numbers 2 & 1 makes me think the Olympics will be aligned to continue this year, despite the talk about cancelling it again.

All in all: It all seems to hang in the balance and although postponement doesn't seem unlikely, I believe the Olympics will continue this year, albeit with a sense of danger (14 owing to carelessness of outside forces) hanging over the tournament.

I also believe the nation of Japan itself will either perform very strongly or experience succes in other ways in these Olympics (1912--2021= 109 years. 19 is symbolised as 'the Sun' with corresponding esteem and honour for... the nation of the Rising Sun).
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