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Originally Posted by bobjob
I accept you weren't saying I was either right or wrong but I was asking for your view based on your experience of mental health provision, something I have no detailed knowledge about.

On a later point it's not possible to prove so-called psychic demons any more than we can actually prove life after death. However with the latter there is - I suggest - abundant evidence but I do not know if that's the case with demons or indeed what demons are supposed to be.
Frankly I don't know if there will ever be any empirical evidence on this, simply because of the way the brain operates and the current scientific understanding of it. What we do have is people's own experiences and the obvious links to chemical imbalances and the like, and we also know that the unconscious does 'communicate' with the conscious - dreams being the obvious way. There are certain ways that it can manifest in the brain and they often form patterns, for instance one common 'demon' is a black figure (sometimes multiples) with red or white eyes. If you think of dream interpretations you'll get the idea but Jung called them archetypes, they are representations/imagery given to the conscious mind from the unconscious.

Often what people see is relevant to them individually because the unconscious makes references to what that individual is conscious, the unconscious doesn't use language but it's the cliche of a picture paining a thousand words that an individual conscious would understand. The patterns remain consistent though and what is manifest can often give mental health professionals 'pointers'.

Psychic phenomena can't be proved by science either but there are plenty of people who have witnessed all kinds of things, myself included. There are plenty of witnesses and investigators, as well as photographs and videos. My wife's nephew is an investigator who will be filming nearby soon for television.
Originally Posted by bobjob
The observations made by jro (to which I referred) were in posting #35 and said "Where I work, we are overwhelmed with cases and I know this is true of the entire area. People are signing up for mental health services and having to wait for weeks or even months. The psychiatric hospitals here are turning people away that they shouldn't be turning away because there just aren't enough beds. Yes, mental health is skyrocketing."
I was already "on track" with what I referred to.
WQhere it was in danger of going o0ff track is the reference to the demons of psychic phenomena that JRO was talking about, and are different to the inner demons.
Originally Posted by bobjob
I have absolutely no interest in viewing YouTube videos in the way you suggest. I much prefer to engage on the points under discussion and with the greatest of respect that's what I had been doing.
There are parallels between inner and outer realities, and it's often in the discussion of mental health and psychic phenomena that we can find insights as to how one can affect the other.
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