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Originally Posted by bobjob
I was camped in Pueblo, Colorado, some years ago and got chatting late one evening to a native American woman in a 7/11. She'd been living for some time in her car, separated from family and tribe. She had been prescribed drugs to help with her mental issues but she had stopped taking them.
I sat and talked with her for quite a time, listened closely to what she'd been experiencing, questioned what she thought. I found it impossible to decide whether she'd been experiencing the unwanted attention of a discarnate who had latched on to her vulnerability. ('attachment') Or whether she was suffering mental illness made worse by not taking the drugs intended to help her cope.

All I could do was encourage her to think about heading home and visiting with her family - she had told me they were worried for her welfare and safety. I encouraged her to think about consulting again with her doctor. But I also encouraged her to consult with a tribal shaman.


I knew a Hindu woman that lost her teaching job due to the recession of 2008. Consequentially, she lost her apartment and ended up sleeping and living in her car. She was on psych medications before all of this happened and when she could no longer afford them, she went back to her 'old self' and was worse then ever. Then the desert heat got to her and then she went 'crazy'. Drinking hard liquor made matters worse.

It took years for her to drag herself out of that 'hole' but she did.


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