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What a pity not more people are posting their own numerology based predictions and insights, comments, etc on this thread.
Would really look forward to seeing and learning more!

To continue with my own a stuff then:
Guaranteed the United States minimum wage WILL rise/ increase/ be adjusted this year 2021.
Why, in the context of numerology?
Well, the first minimum wage was via FDR in 1938. Now looking at and adding this number gives -> 1+9+3+8= 21. So the first clue why the minimum wage will increase this year is because 21 resonates/ corresponds with 2021.
The second clue is that-> 2021-1938= 83. So it has been 83 years since 1938. As you can see; 83 years is the mirror image/ the returning numbers of '38.
This gives a high probability that this year history in some way will repeat itself.

My interpretation is that in the latter part of this year '21--from the autumn onwards, the minimum wage will be adjusted and increased in the USA.
Now why the latter part, why near the end of the year, from the autumn onwards? This is because this is a numerological cycle in history which relates to Harry Truman his fair deal, which was put into effect around the autumn (October) of 1949.
Between 1949 and 2021 is 72 years. 7+2= 9. The number 9 denotes the end of a cycle often, a beginning of change.
Also-> 1+9+4+9= 23. 2+3= 5.
The number 5 of 1949 corresponds with 2021, or 2+0+2+1= 5.
So, to summarize: a lot of clues indicate this year 2021, near the fall or early winter, will be the year the US minimum wage will increase.
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