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The short version:
Consider not declaring your interest in Wicca or knowledge of Star Seeds. Instead, just continue your activity with these subjects and allow him to observe it. Let him ask about it. The mystery will add to any interest he develops or has already.

The long version:
Speaking as someone who would like to take back some things I have shared at the cost of what I lost, I love intimacy. I love being open, honest and being loved for the person I am. But I have found that my desire for that level of honesty sometimes overrides my sense of the current state of situations.

Look carefully because you cannot take it back if it is not their time. Sometimes we are more aware of their feelings than they are and they are not ready to accept their own feelings. Later perhaps but in this moment? I mean just being honest about how you feel about them. We are prone to reading more into their experience when we are deeply aware of multiple levels of activity. I mean you have to do things the slow natural way things happen on this Earthly level like maybe have a book to read on the topic you grab and read routinely when he is around to observe instead of presenting a formal declaration of interest in the topic. (There are better examples of course you would not want to bore him or to think he bores you so you are always grabbing a book to read in his presence).

If you feel the need to share this personal interest with a boyfriend is it worth the risk of changing the relationship and losing them? You do not have to say everything. If he reciprocates and you both open up and barf out all of your secrets, fine. If not the Star Seed thing, at least, can wait.

Things like the Star Seed concept may be interesting to some people but it is not truly important to life here on Earth regardless of how significant you believe it is. You are here on Earth now living here now. It does not make ANY difference that you are a Star Seed or were once the queen of England or whatever. One could go their entire life not knowing anything about it and so what? If we were all meant to know our origins we would all have that available to us from birth instead of it being wiped from our memories. But revealing this to some people could be seen as insecurity and a lack of strength in this life. It is very common for insecure people to feel empowered by notions of having been greater in their past lives.

Draw upon that strength but there is nothing to be gained by sharing that information with anyone unless perhaps they are doing the same and opening up and you both are sharing things like this about yourselves. It has typically been after I was already aware of someone's higher level abilities that I have learned of their distant past (previous lives and origins). I mean it sort of came out supporting what I had already experienced of them rather than before. The same has been true of problems in people where I have learned of its distant origin.

Share a little and allow him a chance to relate to it if he does. His interest in the fantasy genre may or may not tie in with your wicca interest. Even if he is an avid fan of fantasy literature he may just like dragons thinking they look cool.

Think of it the same way you would approach a child. You may know every potential problem that can arise from certain behavior but spelling that out to a child is not the effective way that they will learn. You are more likely to see success being indirect and opening up a path for them to take and feel like they are doing it on their own. They have to live life to learn. There are boundaries we must not cross or they will shut you out to varying degrees in order to retain their individuality, safe space or more simply to deal with negativity in the form of yammering, nagging, complaining, punishing, communicating your disapproval of them etc.. So in this case respect his space and try not to allow your wishful thinking to cloud your perception of the real state of the situation.

People love to hear how they are special. A sales technique is to compliment you on your taste in some way then advise you on which is a more tasteful product they are trying to sell you. Many psychics will tell you how special or advanced or evolved you are so you go away feeling like they saw the real you and you came away with something of value when the actual content was not so accurate and useful. In the same vein you can frequently see a misbehaving child straighten up by complimenting them for exhibiting more appropriate behavior when they are not actually demonstrating it. Treat a bratty child like they are well behaved and they will move closer to being well behaved. It is reverse psychology. We are all evolved beings who cannot remember things because we are here to live a fresh life in order to experience and learn things from a place of not knowing everything.

We encounter many soulmates and soul family members in every life we live. A parent, a friend, a stranger can be a soulmate. They are not exclusively romantic in nature. What is rare is a human who has not lived previous lives. So out of all the people in the world how many have any interest in this aspect of existence? Most are occupied with what is front and center to existing in this life even if that includes avoiding things in this life. We are all what we are regardless of what we believe we are.

If your BF asks questions and shows an interest in the topic on his own it is different.

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