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I need an advice on energy matter

I am in a bit weird situation for some years. I learn reiki Reiki 1 and 2 and now finished 3 at online attunement before a year. for like 4 months I was starting to experience something weird. Normally I would literally radiate heat everywhere, during healing sessions outside of them anytime anywhere everything that was cold would boil up with just my presence, now something else the opposite happens when I am near something that heat I completely drain all the heat from the environment my hands and body most of the time is cold like an undead unless I start channel energy and meditate if I try heat myself with normal means won't able heat up no matter how much heat I absorb, but when I do this and I start channel energy I heat up so much I heat up an entire room, but the problem when I get out of the channeling there you go I freeze everything again include myself, anyone have a clue what is going on with me ? or any advice what I should do ?(in a spiritual sense)
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