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Originally Posted by BunnyJen90
I'm a little nervous about telling him and not entirely sure how to describe wicca to him incase he doesn't know what it is and not sure how he will take it. Besides as much as I would like to open up about being into wicca I've learned the hard way not to be so open about it or people will see me as mental. I'd like to tell him especially since he seems to also be interested in magic even though he may not entirely believe in it like I do.
But maybe he feels the same way you do too?

I understand about the mental part, I have that fear too at times.

With my current partner I had to take it a little out now and then in order for him to be more acceptive to it such as my belief in past life. That was a hard pill for him to swallow. What was a amazing thing is that once someone who could see past life spontanously began talking to him in my presence and began saying the same things I had before seen (but not told this person). Thus I have recognized during one of my many past life regressions who he had been, but don't feel I should tell him. I knew when I saw him and felt his energy from the get go that he is part of my soulgroup.

I don't force my search or my current belief system on anyone else, not any child of mine either, but I am open to a child's experiences and there has been lots of past life related things there, too as we are in a soulgroup and I have found out through my search who my child was and who my child talked about me being (When younger my child could not differentiate us, it would "come oveer" my child at any time, and then go away. We finished what was unfinished in that life and the recurrent nightmare my child had went away. In a way it was about healing my child. I have tons of memories from who my child was from that life and when it has come up during past life regressions I embrace it because we had and we still have a very strong and healthy bound together and we bring out the best in each other. My child was so relieved to be able to talk about it and be respected for the words and be listened to. These days we never talk about it and the child is over the age gap when these things normally go away and seem happy.

I have too other memories where one child who is not part of my flesh and bone but still very much part of my soul group and still very much loved by me too. I don't think flesh and bone matters, love finds a way.

I have recognized few others too. One who says it feels as if we always known each other, from the get go. As this person kept getting back to that I said "in a past life?" and this person just laughed. I leave it at that. I am just enjoying having this person in my life this time around as well. Even if one does not remember one is subcounsciously drawn to one another. And if it is finished business there is no need to bring it up and make it into an issue.

But if you feel too vulnerable about it maybe it is better then to wait. Maybe your friend will be the first one to talk to you about it, though?

When it all comes down to it we are all searchers and people have always asked themselves these kind of questions and believing in something. That is, how I see it, normal.
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