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Originally Posted by BunnyJen90
Last night I had a dream that my bf opened up to me and told me that he is spiritual too and knows about being a star seed as well (I suspect him of being a star seed). This has gotten me to think even more about telling him that I'm spiritual and into wicca. When I can get my bf to open up he will mention about his interest in dragons and other fantasy stuff, which I tell him I dont find weird at all. I have even told him about my inner world I made up as a kid, which most find odd about me but he doesn't seem to think that at all. Despite this I have never asked him about his beliefs and honestly I dont really care what he believes as I strongly believe in the freedom of religion. I'm not sure he is the same way though as I dont know much about the way he was brought up. I really think my bf is the right guy for me. This is the longest relationship I've been in and he is one of the few people I can open up to without thinking I'm mental. I'm still unsure about telling him I'm into wicca though.
I say go for it :) feel your way, see how he responds, maybe not good to just blabber it all out at once without knowing where it lands with him.

I think lots of people go around with all this in their head and don't dare to open up about it. Sometimes a drink or two helps ;)
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