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Just noticed there was a thread below this one the same as this and have read through it and will quickly cover a few points I seen in there to try to help,

1, the problem with the bible is that its a translation of a translation of a translation so it should not be taken in as a 100% true full and acute book.

2, the notion of calling on jesus or another godlike figure shows that you lack any skill or motivation or ability to defend yourself. There is a huge amount of shields and other things people can do to defend themselves but it is not mentioned anywhere especially in church’s as the goal is to keep you coming back and keep you in a state of needing help. And most spirits rely on people not knowing how to defend themselves as it gives them something to do and a energetic source.

3, yes it is possible to kick someone’s soul out of their body and take control of it although from reading the other thread of jgross it seems that they entities thankful are unaware of most ways to do it. The most commen time is when someone is just waking up as the body is expecting a soul to return and if another try’s to enter it can have access for a small amount of time until the body realises something is not right and kicks it out then by that time you soul quickly re enters back in and you are back safely in your body. It’s quite a lot of work to get someone out of their body when they are awake so you have nothing to fear about while awake, most of the time the simple act of putting a solid shield/wall around yourself on a energetic level that blocks every entity you know of will protect your body throughout the night while you may be off doing something else like astral travelling.
Edit added: false awakenings can be causes by you think you have woken up but are still asleep is caused by a entity trying to trick your soul into thinking it’s woken up in your body but doesn’t last long as the entity doesn’t know day to day things and lacks the knowledge to keep the soul and body tricked for long periods of time. Also can be a entity trying to trick you to get information while your mind is confused. But again it is very easy to defend yourself from these types of attacks with basic shields. (Clear fields work much more effectively than the white/bright as white energy is like a lighthouse which can draw more entities towards you)
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