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DesertRat, Sometimes they say were not dead because I said I won't talk to anyone who is dead and then they say they are. I am very confused I feel like they are playing mind games. I feel they are trying to make excuses to stay and that makes me upset because I don't want them around. I don't know how to find out if they have unfinished business or not. I don't have anyone to go to and I don't want to talk to them because they upset me. I am just dismissing them as halucinations at this point even though they can be picked up on EVP. I don't know about the unfinished business but they tell me to eat, sleep, and etc. They think they can boss me around when I am the one in charge of my body. I tried holy water, I tried praying to God, I tried rebuking them and among other things. I did a lot and they don't seem to take the hint that I want them gone. It makes me mad that they don't listen but I have to listen to them. I am mad they are around me and they are making me upset and they give me the creeps because they don't get that I don't like them. I hate them because they are so annoying and they don't respect me. I don't know what to do. I did a lot of work to get rid of them though.
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