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Originally Posted by cosmicsacredheart
Torgo Ace of Chalices appears for your question.

The person is emotionally caring, patient and Intuit, the person is willing to lend a helping hand to you when you need it and is caring in this manner, about hearing your problems or woes, there will be a challenge for this in your relationship.

Originally Posted by moonincancer
page of athames, clarified with the high priestess: someone with a very feminine energy, immature and eager to prove themselves, enthusiastic, psychic, sometimes gullible or vulnerable, self esteem issues,likely to be a soulmate though not necessarily a longterm relationship.

Sooo... basically, according to both of these readings, my next romantic partner is myself. Lots of self-lovin' on the horizon I guess.

Next question for Moon: which activity will prove most fulfilling to me right now?

Accidentally pulled two cards:

King of Cups, Knight of Cups x

Anything that involves imagination, creativity and possibly romance

Next question for Torgo: I'm going to rephrase things a bit: please describe the next person I will share a romantic kiss with.
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