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Hey Flora :)
I believe it is part of the ascension process, which basically means our bodies are adjusting to higher frequencies as we grow and transform along our spiritual path. For many this creates changes in the diet. We begin to be more in tune with our bodies on a deeper level, thus we may even cut out foods unknowingly, that we may have allergies to, or that perhaps are not good for our own bodies. The process of ascension and transformation, can make our appetites decrease as we are being filled with enough high frequency energies. It can also go the other way, and some people begin to eat more than usual, or have odd cravings, and even put on weight to help them adjust to higher frequencies.

As far as chakras and food:
You can balance your chakras with a healthy diet. The chakras respond well to fresh and raw foods because it has prana, without chemical additives, however if raw foods are impossible and unaffordable just remember balance, yin and yang.
To balance a chakra, eat foods with its own natural colour, for example, the root chakra, eat beats, and to calm an overactive chakra, eat the complementary opposite colour. For the Root Chakra, you can eat lots of root vegetables that are grounding, like potatoes, carrots.

The sacral chakra enjoys being nourished by sweet tasting foods, as it is the sexual creativity chakra, which enjoys comforts and pleasures. Doesn't have to be unhealthy sugary sweet foods, can just be sweet fruits, honey, or sweet spices, but the sacral chakra is nourished by something sweet like chocolate every now and then.

The solar plexus chakra, needs foods for encouraging self love and boosting self esteem, these are like comfort foods such as pastas, cereals, grains. Also, dairy products, milk, cheese.

The heart chakra, needs foods for healing, such as leafy vegetables, like kale, and air vegetables. Green tea is great for the heart chakra.

The throat chakra, needs lots of liquids, water, teas. It enjoys tangy and tart tastes, like lemon, lime, salt. Tree growing fruits. Mint.

The third eye chakra, needs a lot of dark bluish coloured fruits, like blueberries, red grapes, blackberries. Red wine, grape juice, and some good spices are mugwort, lavender.

You don't need to feed the crown chakra with food. It can be fed with air, fasting, cleansing, detoxes, or incense or cleansing herbs.

If you eat a spectrum of chakra colours for meals, it will balance them out.
The digestion process creates food into colour light impulses, creating a level of vibrational light energy in the blood, which every individual cell can absorb.To keep us in peak condition, we need fresh food with natural colours that mirror the same colours as the chakras. The first three chakras are concerned with maintaining the physical body and how we perceive food. Base chakra - smell, Sacral Chakra - Taste, and the Solar plexus - Sight. So if you also, enjoy what you smell, taste, and see when you eat, those three will be balanced. It is said, when the eyes are delighted by what you see on your plate, your chakras and spirit body will already start to restore itself and gain positive benefits. More so, we are more delighted by what we see, when there are many different types of food, and colours on the plate. It is said to have all types of foods for taste and smell at a meal, salty, sweet, bland, sour, rich flavours ect. Indian Ayurvedic practice is also good to look into for diet, when it comes to feeding the spirit and body. There is tamasic food, rajastic food, and sattvic food.
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