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Reading for Belle

What does Belle need to know about her career?

* Sun and moon tarot (delving into the Thoth side of the tarot family for the first time evaaaaa)

Situation: 5 of Wands reversed gives me an impression of "uhhh... we're doing everything we can to JUST get by and work with each other, but everything is literally a hair's breadth from completely falling apart". This may be getting by on the surface - if just - but this card gives me the impression it's neither secure nor sustainable. If you've been thinking of an exit plan, then this is definitely a wise move. Note the lack of background figures or supports in this card (lowkey comment: also the art style!), suggestive that there's not going to be a lot of external help coming through here. Unfortunately, you may be on your own - meaning you need to look out for yourself.

What you need to know: 4 of Cups. If you're not already in a practice of seriously "Filling Your Cup" (ie serious, regular, and consistent self-care), then get into it, asap! This is like sending someone to the war trenches and not letting them sleep. We must be well-rested in order to perform well.

General advice + what's ahead: Queen of Swords + Ace of Pent rev. In this particular deck, the Queen of Swords sits on a cloud - from here, she has an excellent vantage point of everything going on below her. A very logical approach (and appraisal!) of your career may be warranted here. Don't let emotion cloud your vision. Where's it all going? Are you happy with where it's going? Do you need to course correct? These are all excellent questions to start asking yourself. Keep an open mind, be as objective as you can... and be prepared to have your mind blown with your realisations.

Ace of Pent rev gives me the suggestion that there's self-directed movement coming into view. This may not necessarily be a big change just yet, but it's possible you decide after some internal soul-searching that what you're currently doing isn't for you long-term and at some point you'd like to consider something else. This is why the 'rest and refresh' thing is so important - if you're not well-rested enough, you're not going to have the energy and clarity of vision to properly appraise where you're at and what your next move should be. So get that sorted so you can optimise your life into something both more secure, AND more sustainable :)

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Someone close to me who has known me for a loooooong time pointed out to me that since I moved cities several years ago, I've made contacts... but I haven't really made lots of FRIENDS the way I generally always have. I don't know if it's me, the different kinds of people I've been hanging with, or something else.

Q: Why have I found it harder than usual to build deep friendships in my current city?
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