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Question What is going on With me and food :/

The most oddest thing has happened after my most recent shroom trip. I dosed 4mg and my trip was unrelated to any thoughts of food and veganism. It was more about human constructs and how powerful words can be. That being said I find it odd the way I have been feeling lately toward food and i relate the timing of this odd feeling I have been having ever since I did those shrooms.
To explain further I no longer crave or have the want to eat land meat in particular. when I tasted chicken it just didnít taste the same . I now find it hard to walk down a meat isle without thinking of thousands of tortured animals and instantly feel sick and ashamed of humanity. Even consuming fish doesnít seem quite right either although I do still crave seafood . The thought of eggs and dairy really have been disgusting me. But yet the vegan foods Iíve tried havenít tasted good at all and Iím concerned about becoming malnourished from avoiding meat and not finding any good vegan food . A few times Iíve still eaten meat because I still need to eat as a human and lack the knowledge of good recipes that have no meat or dairy . Or Iíve eaten meat because itís hard to find fast food or restaurant food that tastes good and is vegan . I feel horrible during and after. I never felt this way before itís as if I woke up and just said I donít want meat . Not really sure whatís going on with me to be honest . Maybe itís a phase , maybe Iím sick and my bodies trying to warn me. Has anyone went through anything like this ? Maybe not the shroom part hehhee but the latter perhaps ?

Love & Light to you all - Raven Royalty
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