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Thank you Past. The pennants and the mountain were two separate incarnations. I'm sure. With the pennants I was maybe english? Not sure. The scenery was english, to be sure, with the castle, etc..

The one with the mountain; I was oriental. I think female.

Great input Sunshine. What do you have in your house that you have surrounded yourself with?

The mountain. I thought about it some more and finally looked up the National Geographic Magazine online. Come to find out they have every issued they ever published digitized and available for view. A yearly subscription to view them is only $12. So I am going to find that mountain with the village. I have made it through 1940. I can digitally look through one magazine about every 10 minutes. So if I can do one year of magazines a day I should be able to find it soon. My one worry is what if I don't recognize it this time?

As for colored glass. I was doing one of those mind-numbing tasks this morning and thinking of colored glass and suddenly saw myself in my mind, sitting on the ground in a 3 sided tent, with bits of colored glass in piles around me. All of the glass was sorted according to color. I made mosaics out of them. I loved my craft. I may have been male but I'm not positive.

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