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Originally Posted by PureEvil760
I had a weird one last night, like I wasn't trying so I was almost completely asleep, when it happened I tried to fly through the window but couldn't for a couple seconds, eventually pushing through.. then flew up outside and there was a baseball field outside, where theres just woods now. Then I flew into the sky and found a crow flying and I was wondering if it could see me so I was up in front of its face trying to touch its beak and stuff but it didnt react at all. Then I stopped messing with it and started flying normally and tried to remind myself not to go crazy and when i did that I thought of my arms gesturing like slow down or something.. which made me wake up but when I woke up it was like I was dreaming I woke up and was in a weird dream for awhile and things got confusing then I woke up for real.

It happened to me once, you had an OBE from a dream.Same thing, I found myself floating above my body, then I decided to go outside, the Earth was so so beautiful, the buildings were modern and very friendly with the nature, anyway, suddenly, I woke up, but I woke up in a dream, I thought that I am awake but I was still dreaming and then I finally woke up but I needed some time to make sure this is the "real world" because my mind was confused, like, how can you wake up twice If you are feeling confuse, don't worry, it will go away in no time

This is what I found, if you want to do a certain thing while having an OBE, you have to plan ahead, you have to use the power of auto-suggestion, the things you want to do, put them in the back of your mind and think about them daily and you will see that you will be able to do these things because you have "saved" them in your awareness.This is how I did many things, this is how I tried to find the Creator there, sadly, He was not to be found there... This is how I also flew in space
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