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Every word of the Torah is TRUE. Not every word is literal. All the events of the Exodus and further happened just as is written - every Jewish source states that unwaveringly.

As for the book of Genesis, there is some debate as to where to draw the line between what happened in the physical reality in which we find ourselves and what happened in a higher spiritual dimension which is different from our own. Rare sources state that even Abraham, Isaac and Jacob still lived in spiritual reality and weren't actual people and that the progeny of Israel's twelve sons were the first to incarnate physically. Most sources, however, draw the line either at the fall of adam or the great flood. Before that time everything written HAPPENED, but happened in a spiritual world that we cannot comprehend from 'down here'.

Some modern sources attempt to say that the story of Adam and Chava (Eve) actually happened in a literal sense. There is no basis for such an interpretation in any traditional Jewish source and such a belief comes about either through ignorance of our source material, Christian influence or both.
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