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Originally Posted by psychoslice
This link will take you to "murder in the bible", it will show you throughout the bible how god killed so many in his name, its not a pretty sight.

I've skimmed through it and yes, it is rather disturbing, but doesn't all sound like the bible I know. Many were out of context, and I don't want to find them now as my bible (right next to me) is a different version.
It seems most are from the mouths of men about "the Lord" and not by the "Lord's" mouth, so that sounds to me that the authors/editors were particularly hateful, not the God in question.

Thanks for the link, anyway. I will probably take a look, using my bible as a reference for context :)

Since I'm taking into account the bible being written by men, I'd like to know whether today's Jews take the Torah by it's every word and how they view their God.

Yamah, I noticed you spoke of Adam's fall. What is your view on Adam and Eve? By that I mean, do you believe that our origins are what happened in the Garden of Eden as Genesis portrays? (I'm aware of the variety of translations but have no idea what you or other Jews use.)
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