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Fish Moldavite enchanting weird expieinces / astral sex

Hey guys,
I don't even know where to post this but would love to hear if someone had similar experiences (not necessary with moldavite)

So basically I have this thing where I occasionally go out into astral while falling asleep/waking up and this "entity" gets into my bed and starts touching me, its like an astral lover sort of thing. I never see anyone its invisible - I just feel like someone is touching me, hugging me or lifts me above my bed e.t.c I remember it since forever it is very familiar to me
It doesn't feel in any way dark or demonic or whatever, it usually happens at some spiritual transformation points and feels as an encouragement/sign of connection w the flow of life etc I don't practice anything because tbh I always had lucid dreams, astral projection and all of that naturally so it just shows up at times.It sort of been with me as long as I remember and is something familiar

Recently I noticed connection that when I hold/sleep/meditate w moldavite it always shows up. It feels like a tingling on the Left side of my body when I fall asleep/wake up, than that tingling sensation grows into this feeling of someone touching you, or laying next to you touching that lefts side of your body and now the plot twist - I always try to initiate sex w it, and it sort of complies to my wishes and then I wake up e.t.c, but that tingling feeling/vibration on the left side lingers on for awhile. Iv been trying to find something on forcing an invisible presence to have sex with you in astral but literally found zero experiences lol

Did anyone experience similar stuff? With moldavite especially amplifying it?
I read here someone mentioning feeling of invisible touch when meditating with moldavite. Now in my case it is not connected to just working with moldavite but moldavite definitely provokes it to happen.
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