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Originally Posted by Ewwerrin
I always say I wanna know my self. But if I don't know who I am, how can I even know if I want to know myself or not?
I guess I am myself, no attainment necessery. But to attain the consciously realised knowing of myself and attain the conscious realisation of my self and my own true being and my conscious knowing of it or realisation of it....
I think we can speak from two angles or directions. From one there is no self to know. As "one" with Reality-as-is it is "empty", forever new, radical freedom - responding to the changing circumstances. This, I think , is what Yun-men meant when he was asked what were the teachings of a whole lifetime and answered "An appropriate statement".

From the other angle the "teachings" and our learning never stop. They too are a becoming. Dogen calls this the Circle.of the Way.

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