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Originally Posted by ant
When you consume yourself with things outside yourself that consume your thoughts.

The yolk is on you.

This certainly rings true in many instances, perhaps in an ideal world if there was total harmony in ourselves in reflection of all things there wouldn't be the need to entertain the thoughts of being repressed or lied too or abused etc .

We live in a world that reflects the need for some to stand tall and fight for what they believe in ..

Otherwise black lives wouldn't matter, or woman rights to vote wouldn't matter .

Some would rather die than give up their beliefs, their beliefs that have consumed them and perhaps this act in itself helps to move stubborn mountains that are saturated with regimental regimes .

Perhaps a guru sat in a monastery somewhere is oblivious to what is going on outside of himself or does and doesn't care to entertain a thought either way about it .

Perhaps things may change if the guru was living in the middle of it all being abused for having a different colour skin than the abuser ..

A wise saying is that what you resent you become and in a similar vein when you are consumed by thoughts outside of yourself you become to certain degree those thoughts or at least carry that energy about you .

From one perspective it could be said that the yolk is on the one that allows this to happen, but some will say a peep has gotta do what a peep has gotta do

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