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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
Firstly, I need to be very careful of what I say here, because the discussion of World Events is against forum rules and while I disagree with that rule, it is part of their TOS for my membership and use of this site.

We must understand that whether the virus is "real" or not, isn't the issue here. All I am prepared to say, is that it is just as "real" as Climate Change is.

What we need to ask ourselves, is whether the "solution" is proportionate to the "problem" - that is, if anybody is truly aware of the "problem" beyond what the MSM (who is being supported by vested interests) informs us that it is in the first place.

This leads us to question: "what is REAL?" "What is TRUE?" "What should I believe in?" and these are exactly the same questions that any spiritual seeker on the path asks from time to time...not only in relation to the Coronavirus, or what we see on the news, but to the authenticity of our perceptions in relation to what we call "reality" as a whole.

If anything, the virus and all the narratives surrounding that, brings it home to well as reminding us about our own mortality, which the Stoics remind us needs to be done from time to time to help us get the most out of life.

Both you and I, live in NSW, Australia and we can't help but look on at our Victorian countrymen with sorrow and dismay. Part of us says "those poor people living under such brutal restrictions and tyranny" and the other part of us says "thank God I live in NSW" It is as if our expressions of gratitude must be at the behest of the suffering of others..We see the billboards: "Staying Apart Keeps Us Together" and then the realisation hits that we were never "apart" to begin with...we are ONE and always have been...but their are evil forces at work who don't want people realising that...who don't want people waking up to their true, Divine nature.

In the absence of facts or truth, EVERYTHING is a "Conspiracy Theory" and the conspirator is the universe itself. It is the illusory energies of the Supreme Creator made manifest. This is called Maya..a warped reflection of itself.

Yes, I have read stories about Agenda 21..the Rockefeller Lockstep Document, Bill Gates and his hydrogel nanobots in the vaccine,the UN NWO what I think? That is just as "real" as all of the Scientific Modelling and the case numbers coming out of Victoria. Can we BELIEVE that is going to happen based on everything we have seen and read from David Icke, Alex Jones and such? SURE! Can we know for a FACT this is going to happen to us and to the world? NOPE! I am not discrediting any of this of course, I don't subscribe to labels or judgements..all I know it s, what is meant to happen WILL happen regardless and what can I DO about it? Nothing... nothing EXCEPT for working on myself and going within to find the source of Truth and resting within it and only then can I "change the World"... that is, if I still want to by then.

Interesting post Shivani,and something I can agree with.