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The ''official'' position is also that the Earth is round, not flat.

That's a problem with ''alternative'' thinking, any crank can say ''see I told you, the officials are against my position, this means I must be right.'' no different from ''An angel talked to me in my dream, therefore my religion is right.''

But anyways... covid kills less than 0,3% of the inflicted. There's no significant difference in percentage of deaths when comparing lockdown vs. no-lockdown countries and regions. It's ** to have entire sectors on the brink of destruction (tourism, bars and restaurants), have people live unsociable lives and have ''online meetings'' for work.

Noticed the increased disappointment when you pay with real money? Noticed the calls for more surveillance? Do you know this will accelerate with 5G in place? It will be more data mining and 'smart systems' everywhere. You and me are certainly fine with 4G or less, so that's not it. Notice how those calling for great change and a new revolution at the same time also call for wealth redistribution and social credit?

I am not suggesting the pandemic and coming changes are deliberate and causal, but some do seize the opportunity and I expect a less free world.