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Okay...finally getting back to this! Sorry about the delay!

Jaycee: The info you've posted has been invaluable! I always look forward to what you have posted!

e-ma: what you share with us is just lovely! your presence on the board is comforting.

Ascended Master: I just want you to turn 30 more often!

Violetmay: Our shared likes & dislikes makes posting with you a real pleasure.

Light Mage: You are an incredibly sweet guy! I do enjoy reading about your thoughts and views!

bluespirit: Whenever I read your posts I have this overwhelming desire to give you a hug. Your love shines through all your posts.

forgetful: Love the user ID!!! With all that you do know....if you're forgetful....then I'd love a peek at all the things you don't remember!

Tijlip: Your deliberate honesty amazes me! It's a gift I don't posses.

Enlightener: Your posts are always a delight to read!

Angles444: Been missing your post!!! Where are you?!!

Chi chi: The discussions you start never fail to be interesting.

don't know if that's everyone...gotta check my other post. lol

JOY is the evidence of internal growth ~ Marie Montessori

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