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Browsing the carcass field in Morocco

Ok here goes, sorry if I miss anyone...

Kundalini: thanks for your comments about me, you made my day. At first I was a bit hesitant with you, not sure why but I have recently come to like you more, you are quite knowledgable and responsible and I like your caring attitude. At one point I thought you didn't like me cause I was posting spontaneous random ****, due to me being a little high but I guess we are friends now :)

E-ma: I haven't read many of your posts and don't know much about you but I like the image you present on this forum.

Dreamer: ok Dreams, you are really cool and I think we may have some things in common, I don't agree with everything you say but each to his own, I like your whole persona, the whole dream idea and your informative information (what?), uh yeah...

Daisy: Your cute

Mother Goose: Goosey, you are cool, to the bone. You always have some deep insightful something to add to any thread and I admire your attitude towards life.

Creator: You have a very knowledgable mind Creator and I like what you add to this forum.

Chi Chi: Chi, I love you dude. You always seem to crack me up, even when you are not trying to be funny, i can't help but laugh at your style of writing and how you word things.

Glorymist: I have never spoken with you directly but from reading your posts I have a fair idea of your beleifs and ideas. You have blessed me with some truly insightful ideas and I thank you for it.

BLAIR2BE: I think we had a bit of a tiff once, or maybe that was with Biyu_wulf. But anyway, you are a champ and you have also provided me with some useful info that has helped me progress in life, thankyou.

Biyu_wulf: I think i spelt your name wrong but hey, sorry about having a go at your typing style, though I do find it difficult to read your posts sometimes. You are cool and I like what you said about a certain topic though I can't remember what it was, just that I thought it was cool.

Lumas: oh lumas, you remind me of some ancient man that lived in an ancient jungle somewhere. You have enlightened me a few times with your wisdom and I am grateful for it thankyou.

DASA: I like it how you are so knowledgable about your religion and practices and you pose a different viewpoint on all topics which gets me thinking, gets the juices flowing if you know what I mean.

Chadley: dude! you are so cool I get shudders down my spi9ne when I read your posts. But seriously I think you have a very dynamic mind and you are not afraid to tell others what you think.

Jeremy67: Hey man, you have, at one point made me realise a few very important things about myself and life and I cannot thank you enough for what you have taught me, bless you.

Devolution: Thanks Devo, for creating such a fantastic site, though I wish you would post more on the forum, like getting involved in your own creation, but I guess you have your hands full just managing the site, so...

Enlightener: Oh, that's me. Well you are a spunk and I really like your elbows, they are so smooth.

I just want to say that I love every being in this universe and beyond and that my love can never die for it is who I really am and it is the most intense feeling, loving you all. It is almost too much to handle. God Bless you all.