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This is a brilliant idea for a thread, dreamer!

Anyway, here is my list:

dreamer: We have had some awesome debates and I distinctly remember we rubbed each other up the wrong way in one of them but all was forgiven. It's remarkable that what you think of me ( what you put in this thread ) is pretty much what I think of you. Then again, we are both Aries, I think. Seriously, I enjoy your input in all discussions and some of your posts are most thought-provoking. You are a great person dreamer and you have strong writing abilities. Thanks for starting this thread. Thanks for that book too!

daisy: Ah, daisy, what can I say? Thank you for allowing me to experience my own mediumship abilities for myself, for without your comments I would not have pushed on. Thank you for some brilliant readings too. You are a true medium daisy and I believe you to have a bright future ahead of you in the spiritual field. Thanks for other stuff we have discussed too.

chi chi: Chi chi the Aquarian! Honestly, thanks for being a good friend to me on these forums and I remember all the chats we used to have. You have a good heart Chi Chi but then again, you already knew that, didn't you!? Age of Aquarius...

Glorymist: Glorymist the Guru. That's not entirely true of course and I know you definetely not agree with that title but you truely are a great teacher. I learnt and clarified a lot through your teachings and posts in a very short time here at SF. Glorymist, you are a gift to humanity! By the way, your arrows hit the target every time! You know what I am referring to!

BLAIR2BE: Another fellow Arien! I admire your straight-to-the-point style and your concise but informative posts. I enjoy the little comments you make on big topics but which make sense, quite simply.

e-ma: I have only known you a short while but thank you for answering my questions on the practice of chanting!

devolution: Thanks for starting up this spiritual forum devolution, it was inspired! Thanks for allowing me to help you out around the site too!

Ascended Master: Enjoyed some good threads that you posted a few months back but then you left. Then you came back again and are now posting some more excellent Ascended Master-style threads!

Katara: Have enjoyed some excellent chats with you regarding the Legend of Atlantis and we covered a lot of ground that subject. Let me know if you find out anything more about 'that' symbol!

Imageimaginer: Thanks for the book on the teachings of Atlantis, a thoroughly inspiring read.

Mikron: Sorry for talking publicly about the situation between you and Glorymist, it is just my way. I enjoy your posts, they are informative and at times, very interesting!

Light Mage: Glad you joined up! Another Final Fantasy fan! Seriously though, I find your posts to be at times enlightened and you got a big heart!

Mother Goose: Get writing that book now! Only kidding, seriously though, always remember to keep busy, no slacking and you just may surprise yourself! You have a wonderful heart Mother Goose and I wish you and your husband all the best!

Bob23: Very, very funny man! Our chats in the chat room have been incredibly humourous and I find your sense of humour to be very refreshing.

DASA: I seem to remember when I was a complete and utter newbie, I gave you some stick about your posting articles and the suchlike and so I just want to say I am sorry about that.

lumas: I enjoy your posts lumas and I like hearing how your circle development group is going too!

Angels444: Thank you so much for your information on Paris St.Germain. I suspect it came at just the right time, so many thanks.

developing1: Don't seem to see you around as much as I used to but I just want to say I enjoy your personality that shines through your posts!

rose: You are a 'upcoming' new member and I am just getting to know you but you have a warm personality, I can tell.

chadley: You have a wealth of information to shar on healing techniques and you are another person who has helped me to clarify my own views on such topics, so I thank you for that. You strike me as a great intellectual, chadley!

jeremy67: A man who is not afraid to say what he thinks! I like that entirely and I admire your strength and no-nonsense approach to topics.

tiltjlp: Again, another man not afraid to speak his mind. I want to apologise right now for not being at the poetry forums much but I have been extremely busy! I shall return.

biyu_wolf_67: Your posts are downright funny and are guaranteed to have me laughing my head off every time! Great posts!

I also want to say a big thank you to all the other members here at SF who I have not mentioned for your posts!

Thanks for reading, Kundalini.