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Deepening acceptant stillness
Manifesting non-identity presence
In permanence
Giving rise to quietude of silence
Fused with enlivened innocence
A being-ness
Somewhat fearless & desireless
Or say to some measure egoless
Fulcrum in divine entwined oneness
Yet accepting maya imposed separateness
Unseeking yet accepting unfoldings
In childlike wonder beholding
Miracle of blossoming
By simply choosing aligning
With the divine pulsation
In resistance free resonation

We are we be
Blissful in continuity

What from the bottomless reservoir of Love is taken
Is also readily shared and given
Without hesitation
As a loving transmission
Watchful yet detached from outcomes of our outpouring
Oblivious to rejection or criticism for we seek not scoring
As a divine energy conduit
In renewal we continue to reboot
Our consciousness
Attuned to oneness awareness
With an equal eye in gratitude
Our reward being the flow itself of fathomless beatitude
In loving pairing
Caring & sharing

Silence & bliss
Nothing amiss

God alone Is
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