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Originally Posted by Flora
Can someone tell me what's going on with the Chakras when eating habits change?
I almost stopped eating meat without even intending. This took about 3 to 4 years.
And now, for about 2 months I do not eat any sweets anymore. The "longing" just stopped without me intending to...
Can someone tell me, how and why things like these happen and what's going on with the Chakras?

Hi Flora :),

The chakras are transmitters and receivers of subtle (invisible) energy.

What you "eat" is prana - which is in food and other things (for example thoughts have prana, emotions have prana, spaces and objects give off prana, breath is filled with's everywhere). It is even possible for some people who are evolved enough and care to spend the time and energy, to live off prana (example, Jasmuheen) - but this is not recommended. We did not come here just to live off prana.

When Kundalini is awakened and this higher aspect of yourself works to clear up the chakras (and the chakras are involved in every aspect of human experience) a purification process begins. Eating could be part of that as you naturally gravitate towards purer foods, foods that have more prana, foods that give you more energy (not only in your gross physical body but mental bodies as well). And foods that don't interfere with your meditation (such as heavy foods that take up a lot of digestive power, or that interfere with the functioning of your intelligence or nervous system, such as alcohol).

What you "long" for is all about what you treasure most in your life. When you know what that is, you will figure out what the eating changes have to do with it.

Hoping this is useful,
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