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I quit eating meat 4 months ago when doing chakra work. It just sprung out of nowhere! One night im eating meat the next i have no desire for it. I have tried a couple times to eat meat since then and am left with a weighted down feeling, just don't feel right.

Here is a list that i was reading up on today. Maybe some of it will resonate with you which will give guidance on which chakra to focus on and clense.


Addiction to hard drugs, alcohol, work, sex, exercise, cutting, sadistic or masochistic behaviors, spending, milk, fats, or meat. Chronic illness, frequent accidents. Debt.

Addiction to gluten-rich foods, wheat, starchy carbohydrates, grain-based alcohol, chocolate, and certain or all emotions (emotionalism).

Addiction to work, perfection, marijuana, caffeine, carbonated beverages, beer, corn-based alcohol, and corn-processed sugar.

Addiction to ecstacy (the drug), love (having to be in love all the time), specific relationships (persons you can't let go of), smoking, wine, sugar and sweets, and false sugars such as saccharin or aspartame.

Compulsive talking or reading, compulsive overeating, and smoking or chewing tobacco.

Self-hatred (as in poor body image) and compulsive worry about appearances. Addiction to chocolate and all mood-altering substances. Compulsive behaviors such as handwashing and criticalness.

Addiction to "uppers" or "downers" and/or alcohol. Adherence to fanatic religion; use of prayer or meditation in order to avoid reality. Depression or anxiety.

Addiction to substances that can be used in healing, such as tobacco, nicotine, and coffee. The shamanic personality absorbs others' issues and often uses addictive substances to buffer the side effects of these toxic physical and psychic energies.

Poverty, scarcity, doing good for others to the point of hurting the self. The ninth-chakra personality is an idealist and can sometimes self-sacrafice too much.

Using psychogenic mushrooms (as a drug). Outdoor exercise (such as hiking) used for escapism. Using a focus on animals or nature to avoid people. Addiction to root vegetables, nuts, or chemicals, including food addictives, glues, or other human-made inorganics.

Negativity, power issues (as in having to be control).

Immature behaviors and abusive relationships of any sort. Lack of meaning.
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