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So, to clarify, these ghosts are watching what I am doing, repeating words, and calling me brain dead, saying they are helping, assuming there is something wrong with me because I can't see them and this is normal for ghosts to do? I just want to make sure I understand you. They make breathing noises and sniffing noises like they are alive but they aren't they argue about if they are dead or alive because I would think they are confused and can ghosts say they can never leave and then can they think you are confused. I mean these ghosts are yelling at me and telling me to sleep when I didn't even ask them to and I didn't even want them to talk to me and I didn't want them around me in the first place. They sound like real jerks. They said they will try to be nice but I didn't want them around me in the first place. I don't know them and I don't know why they are haunting me. They sound malevolent and they sound really mean because said we lived our life and they act like I am bothering them but they are bothering me. They sound so hypocritical. They don't make sense and they tell me to hurry up and eat when I know how to live. It is none of their business. Then they get mad I don't listen and they say I am sick of that word and they don't listen to me and they put their own opinions into things when I don't even care what they have to say. They tell me to sleep and eat a lot and they want me to sleep a lot and I don't want them into my business and they don't respect me. So, this is what ghosts do? They sound a lot like the bullies I have been dealing with. They mock me to and they tell me to shut up when I told them to. They are weird and they are creeping me out. They told me I am brain dead and I need a head doctor and they told me to wise up and listen to them when I didn't want them around and they making me angry and its like they blame some other source and they don't realize it is them and they are really stupid ghosts because the man ghost was this other ones dad and I said it feels like they are abusing me and the girl ghost acted like I was talking about someone else and not her dad. It was weird. I feel these two ghosts are father and daughter ghosts. They take information from me and they claim it as their own and I don't like them stealing my ideas and saying that they are connected to me. Thank you again BlackFox, I just wanted to tell you this stuff because it seems really unsual what they are doing.
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