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Thank you for the kind words, it’s not something I get very often so I appreciate it a lot.
“No wonder they were acting so weird”. What were they doing? Had their actions changed over the past few days or just acting weird from the very beginning when they first arrived?

not sure if this will work on a ghost level but I have successfully done this with a medium and got them very confused as to why they couldn’t suddenly find me when about to do a reading. Try just being still for about 5seconds and just feel your body and as much of it as you can with your mind and include all your energy fields around your on every level you perceive yourself to be on. Then all of a sudden pull everything into the smallest possible dot/spec/size you can and hold it. When holding try to silence as much of your mind and emotions( outward bound emitted stuff so they you disappear from where you were into this tiny spec which hopefully is far to small for a entity to find in their confusion as to why they can no longer see or hear/detect you. In their confusion make sure to hold yourself as small as you can and just be as still as possible and hold this for as long as you can. If they ghosts are still the direct version of their physical selfs the person they once were should get confused and become unable to find you and with some hope leave because it thinks you are no longer there. Then afterwards it’s up to you weighed you want to re expose yourself or stay hidden/tiny for awhile longer. Note: this will only work temporarily and is not a fix only a quick distraction for you to try and learn if they are on a energetic related level. While you have pulled yourself into a tiny dot please do thing about anything else and just be quiet and watch and feel and listen, try to just sit there and gather as much unbiased information at that moment with labeling anything until later on once it’s over and your back going about your day then review everything your saw/felt/experienced and figure out what was happening. Doing this will help you understand what is happening around you and helps in any possible follow on help I can provide with better suited information to the exact actions and responses from the entities harassing you
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