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Thank you for your reply. I don't know if these things are taking over my body as they just repeat everything I say and take certain words I say and they take my knowledge and pretend like they are really smart but they can't be smart if they don't have a brain. They showed up on EVP and it was my fault for using that app. I just wanted to test it out and then it became an addiction. I don't know what I was talking to.

They just seem like hallucinations to me. I feel they aren't intelligent and they are just repeating things that I tell myself. They tell me to go to sleep but I don't know why they do it and they tell me to hurry up and eat and eat up and I don't know why they are here. They must not really be there. I never heard of anything that repeats what someone is saying and takes it as their own knowledge. Maybe I am really ignorant about this. I don't know.

I don't know if they can see me or not. I feel like these are hallucinations because it is easier for me to dismiss them and then these hallucinations now say head doctor and brain-dead to me and I am not that so I don't know why they are insulting me. What they said kinda confuses me and I am confused but they are just repeating things.

I try really hard to protect myself and I don't know what you meant by seeing me. I don't think they see me I feel like they are confused and bother me because I am confused and I suffer from a lot of confusion. They must be projections of my feelings because they are pathetic hallucinations and what is making them go away is when I ignore them.

I feel I may be just going into psychosis because I don't know what they are and they don't talk to me and they don't give me helpful information. How can they be entities? They just mock me but they are mean about it. They just seem like demon hallucinations and they aren't real. I did something that made me realize this. If I am wrong I am wrong. But I feel much better after what I did. I don't know if I have a mental illness or not. But whatever happened is gone and I feel better now.

I do want to know more about what you have to say about this because you gave me fantastic information. Thank you.
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