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Dear axman
I will share what i get from this...

You asked specifically, "... i did a tarot spread to gain clarity on a new non-profit business idea i came up with to help me decide whether i should pursue it."

So you are really looking for whether I should pursue it answer. What is the likelihood of success, right? Okay... well lets look at the cards...

The Chariot - movement
The 3 of swords - to talk about talking
The 2 of wands - to have fun in a path
The Emperor - to reflect
The 5 of Swords - to reflect on talking

So, to answer the question, the tarot replied, "You know... this sure looks like an active concern! You must like communicating about the importance of clear communications. And you are expecting this to be a fun path! Well... it looks like it is going to have you very reflective about something communication related."

So I would say that if your goal with this project was end up in a reflective place in your life about communication efforts, then it looks like you should pursue your project. If you are looking for something besides reflection, then you probably don't want to do it. I guess it all comes down to what were you hoping to get out of this "idea" of yours? The Tarot can't dream up realities... it can only help us clarify our true desires.
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