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Just my stab at it,

Tarot is non duality for me, so there isn't really a 'positive' card more than another card. Even a 'positive' card can be a trait of something unhealthy.Chariot here I see as your passion or drive for the project...

The last two cards are what grasp my attention. Five of swords is rather shady and divisive. It similarly has the Emperor vibes, in a sense that the Emperor is a figure that wins at all costs, bad or good intentions. I am not into 'predictive' readings, but I feel like this is asking you, 'is the platform honest?' and Will it hurt ( three of swords) or help the target audience (two of wands). Based on the last two cards, whatever it is, I feel would be a very polarizing and bias project. I don't personally see anything solid showing it's an idea that is going to work in your favor, id be more inclined to listen to the feeling of it being more a warning..

That is personal stab at it! Thanks for letting me play : )
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