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Book1 Looking for second opinion on 5 card spread

Hello all! Recently i did a tarot spread to gain clarity on a new non-profit business idea i came up with to help me decide whether i should pursue it.

The idea was to create a website that would provide unbiased statistics and information on a relatively complicated and controversial subject.

The goal of the website is to fight miss information.

The spread itself had a yin and yang to it. Three powerfully positive cards next two distinctly negative warnings. Although i have my own interpretation (listed under the image) i would appreciate additional feed back.

My interpretation of seeing the emperor, chariot, and two of wands is generally positive. To me those cards are all about taking control. Not just for myself but for anyone who would use the site. After all fighting miss information is the exact definition of taking control. Seeing the 5 of swords and three of swords at first confused me, since they appear in direct contradiction to the other cards. After thinking about it... i began to wonder if those two cards where actually warning. If i where to pursue this path, i would need to be guarded (perhaps anomously creating it?) to protect myself from heart break.

Given the controversial nature of the website, this makes sense. But wanted others opinions!
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