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Thank you so much for your reply and your insight. Being new, I have been going off of the information provided in the little booklet that came with the deck/its website, and didn't initially know anything like that regarding the queen of pentacles. As such, I was associating her with those meanings, most especially self care. Upright = care for others, Reversed = care for self (rather than straight up, gurl, you selfish) -- obviously not the only interpretations up on the site, but one of the aspects. Their interpretation of the reversed coin queen was pretty forgiving, more outward versus inward.

I woke up today and "self care" hit me in a new way (I learned from this that I associate self care with being medicinal, rather than a reward) and I thought I got it: you're doing a great job, treat yo'self. Like, have an at home spa day.

Now I'm doubting that

Though, your suggestion makes me wonder, once more, how she applies, unless maybe as a warning to not go too far, which, again... doesn't quite resonate with how I live my life. This is probably what I get for not designating a spread and just pulling cards.

As it is, I'm bad at celebrating things and am frugal (one of the reasons I bought this deck to start me off was because it was inexpensive... the other being because I was feeling purple. also, see: *at home* spa day ) and careful, on multiple levels.

So, back to the big ol for me. Maybe I'll ask for further clarification today with an actual spread in mind. And again, thank you so much for answering. I do truly appreciate it.
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