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New to this, need advice on a card

...if getting advice on a message meant for myself is a thing?

I'd been doing my daily read for myself to get acquainted with my deck and the cards and when I went to blow out my candle, it just wouldn't blow out. After the third time, I decided to shuffle and ask if there was more I needed to know and got a jumper. Eyes closed, I set it aside, and drew 2 more cards, with no particular spread in mind.

The first (the jumper) was the 4 of Wands - I've been getting this card almost non-stop in my practicing. In fact, it was just in the previous spread as my "present" card.

The second - The World

The third - Reversed Queen of Pentacles (as a note, this deck has been pushing pentacles at me hardcore. I'm getting very well acquainted with this suit.)

Now, seeing the first two cards, I felt things - this instant rush of joy and relief. Just really pushing that I have, or will have, reason to celebrate. (the reading that lead to this one was also taken as a pat on the back and encouragement)

The Reversed Queen of Pentacles, however, was a total blank for me. I am very new, so lacking any intuitive sense of her place in the message, I looked up her significance but am still drawing a blank.

Interpretations would be very welcome and appreciated.
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