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@ Viswa ~ well, so as to be honest and know we are talking about the same thing, Iíll elaborate because perhaps what youíre saying is different from my experience of bliss embodiment in our being or letís say, in this here mind-body:

First, thereís no pain. Bliss, as embedded in the system, is a permanent humming magnetic current gripping us in a state of joy or rather, in rapture. In my case it occurred when the kundalini rose to crown, male and female energies balanced (felt in the physical) and Hirayangarbha in head split, when two forms (Shiva and Shakti) descended into heart (cannot say right or left, letís just say heart region), resulting in an explosion of bliss. The central funnel, Sushumna was ignited and thereafter bliss pervaded body in permanence.

The bliss magnetism entwines with soma nectar. The main source seems to be Bindu point (that tuft of hair or bald spot behind head) but actually, each chakra or node contains Bindu or bliss within it. As such, there are no boundaries.

Just as our breath flows 24x7, so does the bliss current. It may sometimes get accentuated spontaneously without volition.

About Samadhi, itís like we become the flame of bliss, wherein time and space disappear and bliss alone remains as a singularity, a one without a second. I experienced this only once.

Iíve talked about this here and there on other threads earlier but am presenting this again because maybe youíre graced by some other form of experience and and I by another. Not that it matters.
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