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forgiveness a virtue
virtue an attribute
requiring identity
needing healing
thus choosing
as a tool

no matter

Ho’oponopono forgiveness prayer
has four seemingly easy steps
softening attention in silence
first of all we say ‘I am sorry’


many stuck at the first step
conceding we have erred
making hearts asunder
for what matters the truth
if love itself stands abandoned

we pause

reflecting that we are all one
the one we love is in anguish
leap out! reach out in embrace
brooking not for an instant, delay
say, say, please say, ‘I am sorry’

load lightens

our heart begins to tremulously smile
vibrationally, we draw near our love
‘please forgive me, my dear heart’
simply know this: ‘I love you!’

then, the quietus

having stepped forward into the mist
suffused with God’s love vibrations
in gratitude we say ‘thank you!’
lingering for eternity thus

time dissolves

the void of oneness alone remains
pulsating with omnipotent power
our lower ego mind vaporises
we accept all as they are
transcending the need
to forgive, because
there is no one
here within

save love
God alone Is
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