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The forgiveness trap

The sense of injury we feel,
owing to belied expectation,
by ego thought spirals amplified,
leads to our suffering and agitation.

Thus arises the real reason to forgive,
for us to heal our wounded heart.
So, is forgiveness selfish?
Let the debate start!

A flying wasp stings
or a stray dog bites us.
We feel pain but shrug it off,
accepting what is, making no fuss.

So, its not pain but the expectation,
we have from souls in human form,
that causes us mental anguish,
when denied embrace warm.

If we let go of expectation,
accepting each soul as they are,
then irrespective of their behaviour,
well exit narrowness and cease to spar.

The need for us to forgive is obviated,
for we never ever feel injured at all,
humorously viewing play of life,
in monk mode, standing tall.

Acceptance, not forgiveness,
is then the attribute to ingrain,
looking at spirit and not outer form,
soaring at heights, free from ego stain.
God alone Is
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