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I know one of my friends has had a 3 times she has the first time wiped out sitting time I'm like a hangover the third time completely nectar it did
But I've lost quite a few friends to cover it 19 and 20 I'm in 2020 The Hobbit was hard bit was I was not allowed to say goodbye because we structions on funerals
But least this year I've said 6 goodbye to plait the funerals and people if you ml
I think I've spent more time to praetorium this year ear has not my time at the crematorium this year covid-19 changed me for the better I think I think about things a lot more opportunities I missed out over the years now I'm really like the fool and the opportunity of being given I'm going to go for breakfast and take it and take it being Green opportunity of a lifetime I'm I'm going to take it with both hands when I said that man again
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