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What is best Remote Viewing protocol(s)?

I've been sort of lost for many years about my personal spiritual growth. I've stopped meditating for the most part (as meditation used to be my nightly routine since high school, back in 1998), and my mind stop thinking about the "big picture" about the world and what we are in terms of the universe. There are some reasons as to why I had to stop, as astral projections and other few things became uncontrollable... mind you, I started to drink quite a bit towards the end of that phase.

I'm slowly building up myself, my confidence to hopefully return to my spiritual path and aspirations someday.

All that being said above, when things were a bit out of control -- meaning, if I wanted to try one thing, something else happened. Like, I used to (actually, now it's one of my primary goals to return to) meditate in bed every night to execute an OBE/AP; however, there were a lot of times when once I closed my eyes I was remote viewing. It was fast, it was right away as I closed my eyes with no meditation.

I viewed people watching tv while they sit on their couch, or waving bye to kids in a classroom as the door closes, or observing Greys in long corridors...

The Greys seemed to always detect and respond to me, with their gestures "you're not supposed to be here" and they would take some type of action that would make me lose focus and break the RV connection.

Sorry for rambling, I feel like I have to introduce myself every time I write a post because I haven't written much.

So yes, what are the preferred RV protocols that work best? I've visited some sites but not much is explained and there are no practice targets.

Just hoping someone out there can help me out. RV, I feel is secondary to my AP and channeling goals, but I believe it's a very important skill that may be all related. Thank you
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