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Originally Posted by ant

How people are easily lead.

Yes, because according to them, all the doctors and nurses are in on the big dark conspiracy, governments are, rich people are, the UN is, sick people are, the people who died are.

I suspect these people feel marginalized, and the narrative of conspiracies has seeped deep in to their brain, rendering them easy to manipulate.

There is no greater divisive force than paranoia, fear and an enemy (real or imagined)

The ploy to cast the news media as unreliable was the most masterful stroke of the conspiracy makers - because to do so, reality now is pliable, truth is no longer real - it's whomever you believe.

If there ever was the Devil, that would be a masterful stroke.

“Conspiracy theories are really attractive. Figuring out patterns is one of the things that gets your brain to give you a nice dose of chemical reward, the little ping of dopamine and whatever else that keeps you smiling. As a result, your brain is pretty good at finding patterns, and at disregarding information that doesn’t fit. Which means it’s also pretty good at finding false patterns, and at confirmation bias, and a bunch of other things that can be fatal. Our brains are also really good at making us the center of a narrative, because it’s what we evolved for.”

― Elizabeth Bear