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Early Child hood to Present Day

like i said i started experiencing things when i was three an unknown young man was in our bedroom when i woke an old lady with a cap was hovering above the floor by the stairwell later on when i was in my thirties people who appeared to be there were not dispite the fact they walked out of a locked ward that was locked from the outside been contacted by my suddenly departed neighbour although i was not in the zone i also beleave my ex contacted me who i beleave is departed due to her severe diabetes problem ive yet to confirm that i dont now who to contact to verify a sort of a friend who suddenly passed away suddenly woke me early one saturday morning by entering the top of my head while i was rousing the mediumship training ive had does not compare to my lifes experiences. a person i saw with fixed stare looking at me was not there when i turned round as i was entering another street i could have sworn he was my old geography teacher. the strange experience i had before i meet the uk most famous medium gordon smith, these were light beings superimposed over two other gentleman dressed in the same coloured suits that seemed out of place like they did not really belong there my last experience with a teacher from london maria another psychic medium leads me to beleave spirits are like wisps of air as it was my turn to site with the teacher i could feel like whisps of air racing round my fingers and there was no draughts or windows open as i sat there i could see this father figure coming towards me in my minds eye unbe known to me at the time marias father had passed away and there was too much chattering in the room from all the other partispants
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