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Question I'm a starseed & I have some questions

Hello, friends.
I'm an Andromedan starseed. I found out that I have some power, Like my mom(she's a Arcturin). She told me that she was able to visions and she felt going up' like flying when she was about 10 years old. And I have a power like Technokinesis.
I saw many times that something is wrong when I'm around. I walk in street and when I reach near The lights, they turn off or on.
My mom talked about it with someone and he said I have to do Reiki to improve it. Do I have to do it?
Another thing that draw my attention to itself is about something like Telepathy. It happened to me many times that when I'm with someone I going to do something, like say something to someone, he/she say me the same thing in same time and etc. They're not like this with others, just me. Do you think it is Telepathic ability that I have, an ungrown power that I have to improve it?
I was reading somewhere that if someobe try to learn Technokinesis, he should learn Telepathy and Telekinesis first. So I thought if I have telepathic and Technokinesis, I may have Telekinesis ability too, am I right?

Sorry about my bad grammar or whatever!
If you realy know something helpful, please help!
As you know Andromedans and Reptailians, Draconians, etc., have very bad relationship with each other. So if you are one of them and to do something harmful, just go away. I'm strong enough to resist and fight back.

Good luck, friends. I wish peace for everyone in this world and others.
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