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NW Coastal longhouse

This has been coming up in my life lately and I understand why
and I understand it is a good thing, if in the end more Love can
be present.
This picture reminded me of a time the head of a Longhouse invited me to practice dance
the Raven dance on the main floor.
In me this brought up vulnerability. I walked forward and danced.
This is an indigenous way I have learned, including visitors and guests to participate
or be apart of to feel these big words Welcome and Connection and Worthiness.
Also to refuse would be disrespectful.
In my way of practicing Native rites and rituals, you could say
that there is a lot of vulnerability practices.

My learned stance is one of defense, I assume because of the trauma I was
raised in. So it is a very unnatural position for me to feel comfortable with

Here is a talk titled vulnerability 20 min.
Just because I believe it today, doesn't mean I will believe it tomorrow.
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